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At the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Ventura, located in the Victoria Village Shopping Center, one literally dances beneath the stars of Southern California. Our spacious 2800 square foot dance floor features a 20 x 20 foot skylight and greenhouse windows opening up a view towards the mountainous terrain of the Los Padres National Forest.

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: We suggest that all new students begin with an introductory private lesson followed by a lesson review. This gives you a chance to try the Arthur Murray approach and it gives your teacher the opportunity to get to know you and help determine the best, and most personalized approach to your dance lessons.

Question: What will my instructor be like?

Answer: As a new student you’ll be working with a `New Student Specialist’. They do the best job of making new students feel comfortable very quickly. Plus, the Arthur Murray teaching method makes it easy for anyone to learn how to dance – using things that you do every day.

Question: Do I need to wear any special clothes or shoes?
Answer: Not at all. We have students that come straight from the board room, or straight from the weight room. So just wear something comfortable. As far as shoes go, just make sure you’re wearing something that won’t slip off of your foot.

Question: How soon can I get started?

Answer: We can schedule your first appointment at your earliest convenience. All we need to do is find a time of day that is convenient for you.

Question: I have two left feet. I don’t think I’m good enough.
Answer: That’s actually what we specialize in. You don’t need to be a good dancer to take a dance lesson. The introductory private lesson is designed to show you that ANYONE can learn how to dance and it’s not just something you’re born with.

Wedding Dance Questions:

Question: Help, I need to learn how to dance quickly for my wedding!
Answer: No problem. We work with wedding couples with all different timelines. Whether you’re interested in basic survival or really looking natural… we’ve got you covered.

Question: Why should I take dance lessons for my wedding? I’ve got enough to think about.

Answer: Learning to dance for your wedding is one of the few expenses that’s actually an investment. A cake, a DJ, the flowers… all those things are finished the day of the wedding. Learning how to dance together is forever. By taking a little time for yourselves during the wedding preparation, you’ll be able to clear your minds and focus on each other.

Question: What’s a good dance to do for the first dance?
Answer: That really depends on you.
If you want to do something timeless, elegant, and classic – go for a beautiful waltz.
If you’re thinking of something a little more romantic and sexy – a rumba.
If you want to shock and amaze them – a passionate tango!
If you want to do something that’s classy and sassy – a foxtrot.
If you’re interested in doing something upbeat and exciting – go for a swing or a salsa.

There are many choices, but the nice thing is that your instructor will help with the decision if you’re not sure.

Question: My first dance is my top priority, maybe I shouldn’t spread myself too thin.
Answer: It’s our top priority too. What’s great about Arthur Murray is that you can learn three or four dances in the same amount of time as one. This way you can dance your first dance and won’t have to sit out (or just do the funky chicken) the rest of the night!

Question: What can I do to make dancing a big part of my wedding?
Answer: The first thing we recommend is to start as early as possible. We’ve had couples that have waited until the last minute and weren’t able to achieve the results they wanted.

The second thing we recommend is to get creative. We’ve had couples arrange dance lessons for their wedding party, their friends, and their parents. We’ve even put together group numbers where the bride, groom, and bridal party do a performance together.

The last thing we’d encourage you to do is to think beyond the wedding. Sure your wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration, but the `lifetime after that is the marriage. Learning how to dance for your wedding is impressive, but learning how to dance through your marriage is life changing!

Competition Questions:

Question: Do you have competitions?”
Yes. Arthur Murray holds student competitions, or Dance-O-Ramas, all over the world throughout the year.

Question: Why should I go to a competition? I don’t want to be a professional.
Answer: Attending a Dance-O-Rama is no different than a school play, a piano recital, or school sports. By setting goals around events, you stretch outside your comfort zone which creates faster growth and progress. Even if your goal is to just blend in at an office party, attending a competition will give you the confidence to keep dancing when people start to notice.

Question: Are there any other benefits to attending a Dance-O-Rama?
Answer: Tons! Not only is it a great way to improve your dancing… you also get a chance to meet and dance with Arthur Murray students and teachers from all over the world. There are formal dinners, shows, and many other vacation activities in some of the most beautiful hotels around the globe. From a vacation standpoint it allows dance students a wonderful opportunity to use their hobby away from the dance studio and to make memories and friendships that will last forever.

Question: Will I need a passport?
Answer: Some of the most popular Dance-O-Ramas are in cities like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles, but you will need a passport for the new Dance-O-Ramas in Italy and Canada.

Question: What other types of events do you offer besides the Dance-O-Rama?
Answer: There are many different events that are available to the Arthur Murray students and their guests. Everything from in-studio demonstration nights to local showcase events where the other Southern California Arthur Murray studios get together.

The common ingredient: helping our students develop their confidence on the dance floor and to have lots of fun!

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